37 pieces of flair

It’s almost seven years since Mo’s DM diagnosis and we are now facing our first official flare.

Seven years bad luck. When Mo went into the hospital for testing in March 2007 his CPK was over 17,000 (the normal is 50-100). He’s never been back in the “normal range” but his CPK hovered around 300. Good enough for us!

Mo has to get blood results to continue his prescription medicines, and those pesky CPK levels have been increasing since last September. 700’s in November, 1800’s this month. Sigh.

We know that flares are a part of DM. But this is our first. And it’s worrying.

Mo’s feeling fatigued, tired quadriceps and lowered temper. Actually we’ve both been short-fused lately. I think it’s exhausting ignoring the elephant in the room. Mo’s “sick” again. Rituximab saved Mo in 2007, but now we may be exploring Mo’s treatment with Achtar.

Wish us luck in the coming weeks!!!


One thought on “37 pieces of flair

  1. Mo and Nicole. I am truley sorry to hear that Mo is undergoing a flair with his DM. My thoughts and prayers go out to both of you as you go through this trying period. John

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