disabled driving controls

Mary Matoba from Performance Mobility spoke to our group at our February meeting about driving with disabilities. She covered a wide range of subjects from transporting wheelchairs to hand controls. The Performance Mobility website, click here, is a great resource for all aspects of driving with disabilities from car lifts, seat transfers, wheelchair locking devices […]

water water everywhere

Wow! Do we ever have a LOT of information to share with you from the 2014 TMA Conference! While we sort it out and get the posts ready, here’s a quick idea we came up with while walking through the airport yesterday. Exercise is important to everyone’s health, and is particularly important for myositis patients! […]

Accessible Systems e-news

We just got this newsletter from our friends at Accessible Systems. If you are in need of home modifications, they are a fantastic resource for myositis patients in Colorado! We had the company speak at our April 2013 meeting and have several posts on this blog about services they provide, click here to search past […]

welcome to my parlor

We’ve talked before about our love for Craigslist – it is such a wonderful resource for buying gently used medical equipment at a FRACTION of the cost of new! But there is something we forgot to mention. Sometimes it can be a bit morbid. One would hope that the reason someone is selling medical equipment […]