taper-back writer

Apologies to The Beatles living and dead for my corny headline! Tapering has been on my mind this week. I have been doing a slow taper down of Prednisone. After a few good weeks I am starting to feel a bit weaker again, particularly in my legs. My energy level has been good but I […]

death by a thousand cuts

My status update As most dermatomyositis and polymyositis patients can attest to, recovery from the onset of the disease or from a flare-up can be a frustrating process. Some weeks you feel improvement and others you feel you are slipping back. After a few weeks of not sensing any improvement, I have felt more energetic the […]

water water everywhere

Wow! Do we ever have a LOT of information to share with you from the 2014 TMA Conference! While we sort it out and get the posts ready, here’s a quick idea we came up with while walking through the airport yesterday. Exercise is important to everyone’s health, and is particularly important for myositis patients! […]