getting back on course

We told you that we would talk about it later, and later is today! Mo and I are both foodies. When we travel we make a point to dine at upscale and celebrity chef restaurants and eateries. We are even planning travel just FOR a dining experience (assuming we are ever able to secure reservations, […]

gag me with a spoon

There is nothing sexy about dysphagia. At best it is an annoyance and embarrassment – coughing up food into countless napkins, clearing your throat with endless “ahems”. At worst it is a life threatening condition – inability to eat manually with dangerous weight loss, or god forbid “aspiration” where food enters your lungs and leads […]

a hard pill to swallow

There sure are a lot of pills you have to swallow when you have a chronic disease – both literal and figurative. But what do you do when dysphagia is part of your disease? Dysphagia is the medical term for difficulty swallowing, the greek dys meaning “bad or disordered” and phago meaning “eat”. Dysphagia ia […]