at your fingertips

Here’s another quick fix for cracked skin – especially good for Mechanic’s Hands – super glue! Mechanic’s Hands refers to the scarring and cracking of fingertips and hands of myositis patients, specifically Anti Jo-1 myositis. Mechanic’s Hands are very painful, and the razor thin cracks can be quite debilitating. Many discussion boards are filled with […]

after-meeting lunch

Hi Everyone! We are thinking of making some lunch reservations for after our April meeting, for those that want to socialize more or just get a bite to eat before going home. There’s a nearby restaurant called The Copper Pot that has good reviews (we haven’t been there yet). Click here to see the menu […]

bringing veggies to new heights

Another week, another progress report on our big project for the yard! Surveyors are coming today to mark out our exact property lines so our landscape designer will know exactly where and what to do for our garden makeover! Our meeting with Shelli (our garden guru) last week couldn’t have gone better – we just […]

put the lime in the coconut

A recent article suggests that a Ketogenic diet may help Alzheimer’s disease. To read the article click here. ß-Amyloid (A-ß), a small, fibrillogenic peptide, is found in people who suffer Alzheimer’s disease and also in the skeletal muscle cells in those diagnosed with Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis (s-IBM). It is believed that anything that prevents ß-Amyloid accumulation in the […]

project: garden

Tomorrow’s the day. We’ve been talking about it for over 6 years now, and it’s finally happening. No more excuses, no more waiting, no more putting it off. Tomorrow we have an appointment with a landscape designer. When Mo and I met he already had our house. When I moved in we started making the […]