what’s in store

Start a conversation about myositis with some TMA gear! The Myositis Association has a store on their website, click here, full of useful information and items to promote awareness in the community. Celebrate National Myositis Awareness Day this year by getting a TMA t-shirt, baseball cap, lapel pin, canvas tote, or even these handy dandy […]

health starts here

Whole Foods Market is going to give a special talk “Health Starts Here” at our September 21st event! Come learn about Whole Foods Markets’  4 Pillars of Health including how to incorporate plant-strong, nutrient dense, healthy fats, and whole foods into your lifestyle. Join ‘Healthy Eating Specialist’, Jordan, as she shows you how to pack […]

one more month

We are getting closer to our National Myositis Awareness Day special event! September 21st your Colorado KIT Group is hosting our first Picnic in the Park and Silent Auction! To make this event a success we need YOU! Bring yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, everyone! to Civic Green for a night of fun […]

TMA scrapbook

Did you receive this email from TMA? In case you didn’t, here’s the 411: To honor TMA’s 20 years of service to the myositis community, TMA is publishing a Commemorative Scrapbook with articles about TMA, the myositis diseases, research into myositis, and the progress of TMA’s support network.  We have also included an ad section […]