National Caregiver Month

Did you know November is National Caregiver Month? The Myositis Association just posted this on their Facebook page: Thanks so much to all our TMA caregivers. Please let us know what has helped you the most in your caregiving journey. Post here (TMA’s Facebook page) or send to So I had to comment… Write […]

push it

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. But when you are out in public sometimes getting TO “the go” isn’t always so easy. From an outsider’s perspective most handicap-accessible public restrooms seem more than ample and well-fitted for folks in wheelchairs. When both Mo & I were wheelchair bound during sickness/injury it was very plain […]

let’s get physical

Again, thanks to Mark Manago for his excellent talk about Exercise & Myositis at our last meeting! His presentation was specifically related to IBM patients and exercise, but I feel that what he said pertains to all kinds of myositis (since the major muscle groups are affected in all types of myositis patients, with the […]