TMA live discussion

There will be a live discussion on TMA’s website: How to keep yourself together when you’re falling apart – Dr. Amy Wood Thursday November 27th 3PM EST (1PM Mountain). Psychologist Amy Wood, who has helped countless adults with all kinds of challenges to identify and accomplish what’s meaningful for them, will host a live discussion […]

go go gadget arm

Far and away, this is the best gadget we bought when Mo got sick. The lightweight reacher is a simple tool, the handle trigger operates the extended pincer to latch on to things just out of reach. The grasp is surprising tight so it is even able to pick up a sheet of paper. The […]

gag me with a spoon

There is nothing sexy about dysphagia. At best it is an annoyance and embarrassment – coughing up food into countless napkins, clearing your throat with endless “ahems”. At worst it is a life threatening condition – inability to eat manually with dangerous weight loss, or god forbid “aspiration” where food enters your lungs and leads […]