shopping for a cause

It’s that time of year when our attention turns to shopping for the holidays. For those of us who hate the malls this time of year or whose disability prevents us getting around the shops easily, online shopping has become a great convenience.  If you do shop online, did you know that you could be making a donation to the TMA at no cost to you!

Amazon Smile
Thanks to Sheila for a timely reminder at our November meeting. If you use Amazon, they have a service called Amazon Smile. When you use Amazon Smile to make your purchase a small percentage of the purchase price goes to the charity of your choice, including the TMA. This is at no cost to you. You are still paying the same price for your purchase. We ran a blog piece before on how to set TMA your preferred charity. Click here for details.

TMA has announced they are now partnered with iGive. is the Internet’s first shopping mall where purchases benefit the shopper’s favorite cause. Today over 1,700 stores participate. When you register with iGive you are asked for what charity you wish donations to go to and select The Myositis Association. To find out more and what stores participate, click here.


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