water water everywhere

Wow! Do we ever have a LOT of information to share with you from the 2014 TMA Conference! While we sort it out and get the posts ready, here’s a quick idea we came up with while walking through the airport yesterday. Exercise is important to everyone’s health, and is particularly important for myositis patients! […]

just keeping swimming

Thinking about doing some hydrotherapy next year? Here is a list of the Denver area pools and their temperatures. Copy of Pool Resources Summer 2012 Be sure to call for programs available, this list was created last  year. Thanks, Mark Manago! And here’s another pool that our TMA member John Mozer emailed us about: Thanks […]

let’s get physical

Again, thanks to Mark Manago for his excellent talk about Exercise & Myositis at our last meeting! His presentation was specifically related to IBM patients and exercise, but I feel that what he said pertains to all kinds of myositis (since the major muscle groups are affected in all types of myositis patients, with the […]

get on the good foot

The other day I was talking with some of our Friends with Kids about how to measure parental success (segued from our conversation about potty training). Sure it’d be nice for Conor to grow up to be a doctor, scientist, or world leader… but I’ll have done my job if he is kind, educated, giving, […]