Who we are

Myositis Colorado is the pet project of Mo & Nicole Bolger, leaders of The Myositis Association’s Colorado support group.

Let us introduce ourselves.

Hi! I’m Nicole. I am known in the myositis world as a “caregiver” and although I embrace that title it is only one of the many hats I wear. Here are some of my other hats: “Mom” to our irresistably pinchable son, Conor (5-years old), Parent Volunteer during the school year, and during the summer I run Art Yard: a summer camp for creative kids. I also create sustainable modern goods for my Etsy shop and Pinterest page (PINE the store).

Hello! I’m Mo. I grew up in Co. Waterford in the south of Ireland. I moved to the US in 1996, San Francisco initially and then Colorado in 2003. I am a software engineer by trade. I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis in 2007.

(A man of few words).

Family Picture 2012

** We would like to make it clear that the views expressed on Myositis Colorado are our OWN personal views, and not those of The Myositis Association. Also, Mo & I are married so that will account for us sometimes having completely different versions of events/opinions in our posts. We’re okay with that, we hope you are too.


7 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Hi. I am Gina. I live in Boulder County, CO. I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis in 2001 right at the same time as the Twin Towers fell. After five years of prednisone treatements followed by methotrexate, I am now in remission and very happy about that. My only residual issues are weakness in my hip flexor, but I am ever vigilant about keeping my stess levels low since I think that was the primary contributor to getting DM.

    • Hello, Gina! Thanks for your comment – and so glad to hear you are in remission!
      Hope you will be able to join us at one of our 2013 meetings so we can meet you in person! We’ll be posting our 2013 meeting calendar in January.

  2. I just found this website from a link on the TMA website. I am a relatively new resident to Colorado (moved from Albuquerque 1 1/2 years ago). I have polymyositis – specifically antisynthetase syndrome – thanks to those little JO-1 antibodies. I have finally found a good rheumatologist in Parker and have been going to National Jewish since my original diagnosis 6 years ago. I will be attending the annual conference in Louisvillle with a friend from Albuquerque who has Inclusion Body Myositis. I am looking forward to meeting some Colorado myositis compadres and plan to attending the September Picnic in the Park.

    • Welcome, Carol!
      We aren’t going to be attending the conference this year, but SO glad you’ll be coming to our Picnic in the Park! If you’re seeing someone in Parker you must be close (we are in Highlands Ranch). Can’t wait to meet you!

  3. Hi. My name is Sarah and I am a TV producer for a new medical mystery TV show set to air on Discovery Health and Fitness. I am looking for patient how have stories to tell about their misdiagnosis ordeals. Would it be possible to share our call out on your website as well as your facebook and twitter pages? That would really help us out a lot.

    Call out: http://www.diagnosisunknowntv.com/

    I look forward to hearing your stories. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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