no more knocking knees

So our last post about sleeping positions reminded me of another gadget we love! While Mo was losing muscle mass back in 2007, he began to be confined to either his lift chair, wheelchair, or bed. Since his mobility and strength were so limited nights were particularly bad for him to get comfortable. Plenty of […]

TMA live discussion

There will be a live discussion on TMA’s website: Acthar for Myositis – Dr. Todd Levine  HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO: TUESDAY FEBRUARY 12TH 2PM EST (NOON/12 PM Mountain). Acthar, the only FDA-approved drug for myositis, has been available to treat myositis for years, but just recently has drawn attention because of Dr. Levine’s small study […]

Quest magazine

Look what we just got in our mailbox! Here’s another magazine that we wanted to tell you all about – Quest magazine. Quest is put out by MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) and features articles about recent research, living with muscle disease, and a whole bunch more! Quest is celebrating its 20th year of publication – […]

get on the good foot

The other day I was talking with some of our Friends with Kids about how to measure parental success (segued from our conversation about potty training). Sure it’d be nice for Conor to grow up to be a doctor, scientist, or world leader… but I’ll have done my job if he is kind, educated, giving, […]