water water everywhere

Wow! Do we ever have a LOT of information to share with you from the 2014 TMA Conference! While we sort it out and get the posts ready, here’s a quick idea we came up with while walking through the airport yesterday.

Exercise is important to everyone’s health, and is particularly important for myositis patients! To see all our past posts: click here or browse the Exercises category. The research supports low-impact exercise, with the emphasis on repetition (reps) and not weight lifting. Lifting something small often is much better for us than lifting something big just once. Makes sense, right?

As we were walking to our gate yesterday we discovered a new and widely available exercise equipment, something I’m sure you’ve seen…

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 2.02.47 PM

A 500 ml bottle of water is quite possibly the best weighted exercise equipment ever invented!

  • The 1 Pint (500ml) bottle weighs only one pound, great for lots of reps!
  • The bottle fits perfectly in your hand and many are designed with built-in grips!
  • You can find bottled water just about everywhere so you can exercise just about everywhere!
  • You can exercise a huge range of motions (bicep curls, triceps, pecs) just like a metal dumbbell!
  • After you finish your reps, you can drink the water to rehydrate!
  • After you drink the water, you can recycle your bottle or refill it for your next workout!





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