caption it

We are enjoying the 2014 TMA Conference, and REALLY enjoying the art here at the Peppermill Resort Reno.

It is awesome. In fact, it’s so awesome we want to share it with you now.

Play along with your own captions, here are some of ours…

image“Wow. Your grocery list sounds exhausting.”

image “You don’t even notice your amputation…” (God, I can’t look away)

image“Geez Mary, I told you that egg salad had been sitting out too long.”

image“Gurl, you look FIERCE!” (The First Drag Mother)

image“Armpit Check! Fresh.”

image “You know what I love most about fall? My boots…”

image“I’ll keep you with me forever, Flufffy” (The First Crazy Cat Lady)

image“That zombie baby is so creepy. Who still wraps their hair like that after a shower?! Gross.”

image “OMG, she’s still talking about her boots. She’s not even wearing them anymore.”

“And get some new socks, Tiffany.” “What is that, a mustache?! Weirdo.”

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