support (K.I.T.) meeting

We’re sitting in the meeting room for K.I.T. Group leaders and those looking to start support groups in their area.

Building a community is so important! There is NOTHING like sharing your experiences with those that understand exactly what you are going through!!! When I attended our first TMA Conference in 2008 I was an emotional wreck and would just cry in gratitude for the caregivers that gave me hope and strength. If you are feeling alone, a support group is your lifeline.

Thankfully we live in the Age of Technology.

We are so privileged to be able to connect online, it opens up the whole world to us! How else would a Myositis patient in France be able to talk with a Myositis patient in Wyoming? How else would we know about developing research in the U.K., the Mayo Clinic, or the rest of the research worldwide?

Listening to many of the K.I.T. Leaders and those wanting to startup groups, Technology is key.

At the meeting this morning we handed out our Myositis Colorado blog cards and encourage anyone interested in using online resources to reach a larger audience or spread the word about Myositis through social media, webpages, blogs, etc. PLEASE reach out to us!  We’d love to share our online experiences with you and help you grow our online community!!!

To read a past post on this subject, click here.



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