The caregiver informal meeting is just wrapping up and I think it important to address my former post “the blog goes dark”.

Instead of apologizing for what I’ve said I will expand on it.

Part of coping with feelings is acknowledging them. Being honest. Being in the moment. At the moment I posted “the blog goes dark” I was feeling, well, dark.

It’s very easy for caregivers to feel overwhelmed and it’s very hard to get out from the shadows. Caregivers hold themselves to a very high standard and tend to take the weight of the world on their shoulders. Y’know that saying “the straw that broke the camel’s back”?! I was that camel. A very. angry. camel.

My post was my way of venting, and although it was a rant it did make me feel better. Psychiatrists will sometimes tell people with unresolved feelings to write out their feelings, let it all out on the page, then rip it up. Well, I didn’t rip it up. Instead I posted it here for all the world to read.

Again, I’m not apologizing for my thoughts or post since they are just as valid as my more “positive” contributions. I’m only human. 🙂

Regardless, thanks to everyone who has reached out and lent me support since my “Bitter Betty” moment. I do appreciate it, and I appreciate YOU.


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