the “green rush”

We are THRILLED to host a special meeting for our group on Saturday, June 21st!

Saturday, June 21   12/Noon – 2PM (note this is 2 hours later than our regular meetings)

Swedish Hospital, Room Pine B

501 E Hampden Ave.  Englewood, CO  80113
Dr. Cristi Bundukamara Ed.D, NP, RXN, a nurse practioner working with Realm of Caring, will be giving a presentation about cannabis treatment provided by the RoC Foundation.

When Colorado legalized recreational use of cannabis in 2013 (under Ammendment 64) the issue of marijuana has been in the forefront of media attention. Since we are privileged to live in a state where medical cannabis treatment is possible, we feel it is our duty to educate myositis patients about the legal medical opportunity to use the drug.

We know that some group members have expressed personal beliefs against the drug, and we fully respect that choice. As much as other member choices to advocate for marijuana use. No judgments either way. That is why this meeting is in addition to our regularly scheduled annual meetings.

It’s a bonus that we hope you’ll take advantage of.

As Seen in the CNN documentary: Weed 2 with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Realm of Caring Foundation
PO Box 15224, Colorado Springs, CO 80935
Toll free phone and fax: 888-995-THE-REALM (888-995-8437) ext 700



2 thoughts on “the “green rush”

  1. So have myositis suffers find that cannabis helps with pain? I have polymyositis with so much pain, I cant think straight. I live in a state that is on the cusp of legalization. Looking for a game plan so I am ready to go right away. Yeah Yeah I know I could just go the more illicit route but Im too nervous, too OCD, too worried about being good all the time

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