Reno for all!

Conference Scholarships Now Available

Dear TMA Member,

TMA’s Annual Patient Conference is scheduled for Reno, Nevada, September 4-7, 2014.  This year, as in the recent past, several generous donors have provided funds that we are offering as financial aid so that those who might otherwise not be able to attend, with aid might be able to do so.  Therefore, if you have not yet registered and would like to attend, but cannot afford to, please apply for this financial aid by providing the requested information.  You may respond by using “reply” to this e-mail and answering the questions below.

Financial Aid, if granted, will cover a patient’s hotel room September 4, 5, and 6 as well as conference registration.  If the patient is accompanied by a caregiver, the caregiver is expected to stay in the same hotel room.  The caregiver’s conference registration will also be covered.  No travel expense will be covered.  Since some meals are included in the conference registration, no additional meal expense will be covered.  Handicapped or ADA rooms may or may not be available.  You will need to contact the Peppermill in Reno to determine if handicapped or ADA rooms are available.

Please provide the following information:

1.  Your (myositis patient’s) name:

2.  Disease type and when diagnosed:

3.  E-mail Address:

4.  Mailing address:

5.  Primary Phone:

6.  Cell Phone:

7.  Have you attended TMA’s Annual Conference in the past?  If so, what year?

8.  In 150 words or less, why do you want to attend this year’s conference and how will this financial aid help you.  Please DO NOT attach any additional records or materials.

The deadline for TMA to receive your reply to this message is 5PM EST on June 23.  On or before July 15th, 2014, all applicants will be notified of TMA’s decision.  Please note that priority will be given to those who have not received financial aid in the past and/or who have not previously attended the Annual Patient Conference.  In addition, consideration may be given to balance recipients by disease type and geographical representation.


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