call their bluff

When Mo was sick in 2007 we were friends with a lot less people in Highlands Ranch. We only knew coworkers and a few neighbors, and most of our friends lived in Denver so we didn’t see those folks that much. Back then we didn’t ask for much help, I worked from home when I could and tried to do everything else on my own. I was wrecked. And that was before my car accident/foot problems and us having our son Conor!

Now that Mo is sick again, our support group is much larger (friends we’ve made from the neighborhood, Conor’s school, and our KIT Group!) and this time we are going to ask for help early!

Little things that neighbors can help us with – mowing our small front yard, shoveling after a spring snowstorm, watching Conor for an hour or two to give us a break. If they offer we will take them up on it! We are not proud.

When you need help, you need to ask for it. If folks ask what they can do to help you, tell them! It reminds me of George Carlin’s “It’s Bad for Ya” special – call their bluff.




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