caregiver conversations

This video was made at the SW Florida KIT meeting, February 1, 2014. It contains nine segments; the first is an introduction and the following eight are skits portraying conversations that could take place between a myositis patient and their caregiver. The intent in producing these skits is to offer observations of how some of us deal with myositis and how it affects our families and friends. Other KITs can use some or all of these videos to generate conversations about the content.

Skit 1   4:06          “It’s My Job” shows a caregiver who might just be a bit bossy with his IBM wife

Skit 2   11:39        “Cleopatra, Queen of Denial” shows a lady who might not be fully acknowledging her condition

Skit 3   18:18        “I have my Dignity” is about a lady dealing with the sometimes embarrassing facts of her new life

Skit 4   23:26        “It’s Not Supposed to Be Like This” shows what happens when life throws curve balls at our plans

Skit 5   29:50        “Huh?” As if Myositis isn’t bad enough; add the challenge of couples with ‘hearing issues’

Skit 6   31:19        “Long Distance Love” tells of a mom and daughter trying to ‘help’ each other from a distance

Skit 7   37:57        ”Keep on Keeping On” could be almost any of our KIT couples; how do we manage to ‘keep on’?

Skit 8   41:33        “One Day at A Time” is also any of us as we have to adjust to short term goals to manage


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