to blog or not to blog

Have you checked out our Resources page lately? The list of support groups, blogs, Facebook pages, and other online sites with myositis content keeps growing! We are thrilled to help you find these sites, and honored to be one of the places you visit for myositis information. Thanks!

When we started Myositis Colorado we chose to have a blog platform to open up discussion in the myositis community, specifically for our local chapter of TMA. We can’t be happier to connect with people all over the world through Myositis Colorado and the blogosphere! Again, Thanks!

If you are considering starting a blog (or a website) to explore, vent, educate, understand, or campaign for myositis… we say GO FOR IT!

Here’s a primer for which free sites are top-rated and what they are best used for, click here.

We love, or you may prefer templates and features of other sites like Tumblr, Blogger, or To give you an idea of other formats, It’s Myositis blog is on Google based Blogger, click here.

You will be amazed at what a rewarding experience it can be. Don’t be afraid – pick a free blogging site and get started talking about myositis!


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