help us help you

Do your loved ones know who to contact for support?

Myositis Colorado first and foremost is a support group. We’re here to help in any big or small way possible for ANYONE struggling with myositis. That means patients, caregivers, family, friends, anyone!

But we can’t help if we don’t know you need help.

So in an effort to provide even more support we are asking “Help Us, Help You.”

Who in the group will help us by being an “Ambassador”?

  • TMA started their Ambassador Program a while ago, click here, and I know this program is being prioritized for local groups in 2014.
  • We’d like our Ambassadors to reach out to every Colorado member at least once a year, just a quick call to make sure members know “Hey! We care about you. How are things?” and “If you need us, we’re here for you!”
  • If things are getting rough for a member or their family, the Ambassadors will let Mo or myself know and we’ll pick it up from there. With follow-up calls, visits, service referrals, whatever someone needs.


Let your CAREGIVERS know we are here!

  • Let’s face it. Caregivers are where the rubber meets the road. They’re the ones that take over nearly every aspect of their loved ones care and calendar!
  • If things are taking a turn for the worst, have your caregivers give us a shout! We can help you, and THEM, figure things out. Caregivers don’t have to take it all upon themselves!!!
  • We are going to start a separate email list especially for caregivers. Periodically (every couple months) we’ll send out information specific to caregivers. And caregivers can contact us without having to go through their loved ones email. (Sometimes caregivers just need to talk – no guilt, no judgement).
  • Caregivers sign up for our email support! Email us at with “caregiver” in the subject heading. Information and sign-up is completely confidential!!!



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