penny for your thoughts

Myositis Colorado is change-ing it up this year!

TMA graciously allows us a budget of $200/year to run our support group, but we’d like to start growing a separate group fund to expand our support capabilities.

We will be handing out coin fundraising cards at our February 1st meeting (with plenty of extras for family/friends!)

BONUS: For every $5 donated to our group (through August 2nd)

Receive ONE entry into our September 21st Picnic in the Park Raffle!!!

We will also have a digital counting money jar at our meetings for pocket change donations. If you have loose coins lying around, bring them with you to our next meeting!

Help our group fund grow one penny, nickel, dime or quarter at a time!

No spare change? We accept checks, too!

Make checks payable to Myositis Colorado and email for our mailing address.



2 thoughts on “penny for your thoughts

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