new myositis study

Hey Everyone!

Did you participate in the last survey by the Henne Group? Mo did, and it consisted of about a 10-20 minute phone call to talk about his experiences with the disease. He got some money for participating (I don’t remember how much), but it was a SUPER easy study to be a part of.

WELL – I just got this message on our Facebook Page that the Henne group is doing a second survey! Definitely worth checking out!!! They are just looking for 15 male participants this go around, and their caregivers, to get a broader scope on what we face. Give ’em a call!

Sam Foster

  • Hi! First of all, Happy New Year! I am writing from the Henne Group because we are conducting the second round of the Myositis study. I wanted to thank you for your help with the first round. In this case, we are looking for 15 patients and also their caregivers, to get a broader experience of the patients living with the disease.

    I wanted to ask you if I can post in your website or if you can refer any participant to study. We have reached our quota with female participants, so we are now focused on recruiting men. If someone is interested can call our number 415 348 2960. Please let me know if you think you can help us.

    Interviews will start in January 10th and as a thank you token, we will send $90 to the participants (it is 90 minutes interview)


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