just keeping swimming

Thinking about doing some hydrotherapy next year? Here is a list of the Denver area pools and their temperatures.

Copy of Pool Resources Summer 2012

Be sure to call for programs available, this list was created last  year. Thanks, Mark Manago!

And here’s another pool that our TMA member John Mozer emailed us about:

Thanks for the list of Denver Pools.  I would like to add one more to  your list – The J. Leonard Levy Wellness Center.  I joined  it last week and it has the best therapy pool I have ever  seen.    The pool is huge (see the attached JPEG file containing  a photo of the pool) and is maintained at a temperature of 92 deg. F, except for  the lap swimming lanes which are somewhat cooler.  If you are able to walk  a little bit, you can enter the pool by means of two sets of low-riser steps  with double hand rails on each side of the steps.  If you cannot walk, they  have plastic wheelchairs that you can transfer to and then access the pool via a  ramp.  The pool has several benches with Jacuzzi-type jets that are  absolutely wonderful.  It also has a walking loop with a constant current  where you can walk either with or against the current.
The facility has 8 large, private changing rooms,  each  handicapped equipped with a bench, sink, toilet and walk-in shower with grab  bars.  In the hallway to the pool there are a large number of lockers,  including handicapped accessible ones, where you can store your stuff while  you use the pool.  A life guard is on duty all of the time that the pool is  open.  They have several pool exercise classes you can join or you can  simply use the pool on your own any time you wish.
The facility also has a modern exercise room in which many of the exercise  machines have seats that can be swung away so that a person in a wheel chair can  use the machines.  They give several exercise and aerobic classes that  you can join or you can exercise on your own any time you wish.  Both the  pool and the exercise room have large windows facing west giving the patrons a  wonderful view of the mountains while you do your exercises.  They are  both maintained in an exquisitely clean condition.
Although the facility is part of the J. Leonard Levy Family Wellness  Center, the pool and exercise room are operated by the YMCA.  You can  use it any day of the week except Saturday, when it is closed for the Jewish  Sabbath.  There is a $25 joining fee and a $40/month fee for a single  adult membership ($65/month for a dual membership).  If you don’t want to  join or just want to try it out before joining, they have a $5/day walk-in fee  to use the facility.  If you are a member of Silver Sneakers, it is  FREE!  You do not have to be Jewish to join.
The name, address and phone number of the facility is listed below:
J. Leonard Levy Family Wellness Center
14800 E. Belleview Drive
Aurora, CO 80015
Tel: 303-400-2294
I highly recommend this facility to the folks in the Myositis Colorado  Support Group.  The staff is very friendly and helpful. Thanks, John!



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