don’t know beans

It’s an overcast morning so there’s not much going on. It’s days like this that are my favorite for putting on some music, brewing a hot cup of cider, and figuring out what to do with my morning. Today, it’s Clean Out The Pantry Day!

Looking through a pantry may not seem like a very inspiring activity, but it’s one I actually kinda love. I invariably find items that I forgot I had, and since I coupon those things can really stack up fast. Reorganizing the pantry makes me pull some of those things from the back corners and into the light of day. But what to do with them?

NPR has been doing a series called “Cook Your Cupboards” on tumblr – asking people to submit photos of what’s lurking in their pantries. The idea is to have people suggest what you can make using random and exotic ingredients. It’s all about experimentation! Click here to see what oddball ingredients are out there.

In my case, I have a ton of canned beans. Tons. My nutritionist wanted me to start adding them into a couple meals a week to boost my fiber intake – but, their beans. Not very exciting. So they’ve been sitting in their little cans just waiting for me to do something with them.


That’s a lot o’beans! So I picked a type (garbanzo) and did a search online. Look at what I found!

I’m so excited to find this! 1. it’s not a hummus recipe, which is really all I thought I’d be able to do with garbanzo beans 2. it’s a Health Starts here recipe (this is exactly the type of recipe I think Jordan is going to share with our group at our NMAD event, click here) 3. it looks yummy and super easy to put together! Win. Win. Win!!! Chalk one up for Whole Foods!



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