social butterfly

Social networking is here, and it’s here to stay.

I remember hearing about Facebook back in 2006 – I was at a tradeshow in Chicago and another sales manager showed me this site that had pictures of herself and boyfriend on it. I admit it, I didn’t see the big whoop about Facebook at first. MySpace had already been around for years and never really took off except with the hipster/urban crowd. It wasn’t until 2008 (when I was at home recovering from my car crash) that I really got into Facebook. I started using it just to suck up time while I recovered, now I can’t imagine life without it!!!

While Facebook is my go-to, I also now use Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and absolutely ADORE Pinterest! Platforms continue to evolve and new sites emerge, who knows what the next big network is going to be! Social networking is especially great for our community – the rarity of myositis can lead to isolation and depression, but connecting over these social sites can breakdown the walls. You can reach out and have online relationships with myositis patients and support from all over the world!

I found this Beginner’s Guide to Social Networking to help you navigate the Who, What, Where, Why of the social sites – click here. Hopefully you’ll find a site that resonates with you, we’re listing some of the biggies below to get you started. So get out there and sign up for a new social networking site. You never know until you try!

Facebook, click here.

Twitter, click here.

MySpace, click here.

Google+, click here.

Pinterest, click here.

Reddit, click here.

YouTube, click here.

Tumblr, click here.

Linkedin, click here.

As I mentioned, Facebook is my site of choice. Find our Myositis Colorado page here.

We also have these images available for you to upload Timeline and profile pics for National Myositis Awareness Day!

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 8.23.14 PM



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