one more month

We are getting closer to our National Myositis Awareness Day special event!

September 21st your Colorado KIT Group is hosting our first Picnic in the Park and Silent Auction!

To make this event a success we need YOU! Bring yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, everyone! to Civic Green for a night of fun (there’s even fireworks later)!

This is a great opportunity to spend an evening with other myositis patients and their families (the ones that really understand us) as well as spread the word about myositis to the community who doesn’t know what the heck “myositis” even means!

We have been working really hard to get some exciting items for our silent auction – and we’d like to thank all our wonderful sponsors for their support! WE LOVE LOCAL! See what amazing Colorado businesses are helping to fight myositis, check out our Sponsors and Auction Catalog pages! click here. Look for these companies at the auction and support the Colorado businesses that support our community! All net proceeds benefit TMA!!!

For all the information about the event, visit our Picnic in the Park webpage click here or our blog click here or our Facebook page click here.

Hope to see EVERYONE there!

Mo & Nicole Bolger

TMA Colorado KIT Group Leaders

Myositis Colorado


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