TMA scrapbook

Did you receive this email from TMA? In case you didn’t, here’s the 411:

To honor TMA’s 20 years of service to the myositis community, TMA is publishing a Commemorative Scrapbook with articles about TMA, the myositis diseases, research into myositis, and the progress of TMA’s support network.  We have also included an ad section for TMA members to publish messages of hope for a cure, to remember a loved one, or to just express support for the continued growth of TMA.

Copies of the Commemorative Scrapbook will be provided free of charge to all those who publish a message.  The fees for these “ads” are listed below and the deadline to submit your ad is September 9, 2013.  Submissions can just be a text message or can include a photo.  Any photos submitted need to be print quality.

Please show your support of TMA and those important to you in the fight against myositis by running an ad in our 20th Anniversary Commemorative Scrapbook!


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