So we can’t take credit (but we will anyway) – there will be FIREWORKS after our Picnic in the Park event!!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 4.20.06 PM

The Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA click here for their website) has rescheduled their 4th of July fireworks display to coincide with their Oktoberfest celebration — September 21st!!!

Civic Green Park (where our National Myositis Awareness Day events are being held) is one of the BEST places to hangout and see their fireworks!!! BONUS!!! Our event goes until 8:00 PM, and the fireworks shows usually start around 9:00 PM (last year they were about 20 minutes late, so it’s not definite). If you aren’t in a hurry to get back home, stick around the park for a pretty great fireworks display! We like to sit along Ridgeline sidewalk for a front row view.

On another note, because our event is happening at the same time as Oktoberfest (located about 2 blocks to the west) parking might be a little tight. Our event starts at 5:00 PM and I don’t imagine families will fill up the library parking (where most handicap spots are) until later.

Here is an aerial map of the park:

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 4.33.18 PM

Our event will be at #3 – The Pavilion. The Library Parking lot is north of the park, there are 5 handicap parking spaces. You can use the ramp access that connects the parking lot to the back stage area or through the Veteran’s Memorial garden nearer the library entrance. There is also ramp access at the corner of Green Ash St & Ridgeline, and ramp access on Burgundy St (beware: that street is pretty hilly).

We are so excited – what a fantastic way to end our celebration. Baby, you’re a firework!


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