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Did you know that The Myositis Association has a celebrity?

Celebrities are a precious resource for rare diseases such as ours, as they bring media attention (and hopefully research funding) to the public. While we never wish anyone had to deal with any disease, a celebrity that champions their disease is a force to be reckoned with.

ALS had Lou Gehrig (of whom the disease is commonly referred by). Click here for information on the ALS Association.

Parkinson’s most famous celebrity today is Michael J. Fox. Click here for information on the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Cancer has a heavy hitter with Lance Armstrong, click here for Then there are the regular people who have turned celebrity through their amazing initiatives for research and awareness, like Nancy Brinker (sister and founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation). Click here for info about SGK and breast cancer.

And of course, who could forget Jerry Lewis’ lifetime of work with our sister organization, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)??? His devotion and passion for “Jerry’s Kids” is legendary. Although Lewis is no longer hosting the MDA’s annual telethon his legacy is untouchable.

Even though myositis is an incredibly rare autoimmune disease, we too have a celebrity! Fabio Lanzoni, known to most the world simply as “Fabio”, has helped TMA bring extra attention to our disease. Fabio’s male modeling career is impressive. He’s been on the cover of thousands of romance novels, starred in films and movies (mostly cameos of himself! – how is THAT for celebrity!) Click here for Fabio’s full bio.

Although Fabio does not have myositis himself, a very dear family friend in Europe suffers from myositis and Fabio has committed to championing our disease in his honor. Fabio helped to get National Myositis Awareness Day passed when he appeared before congressional staff, click here for a 2006 article regarding the start of NMAD. He’s appeared at numerous events by TMA, and even donated a “Dream Date with Fabio” on charitybuzz for TMA! Looks like under those six-pack abs and his flowing golden locks, Fabio is just a great guy!

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