home modification: funding

Have you been looking at our home modification posts (click here, here, or here) and thinking: “Sure, that would be nice but how the heck would I be able to afford that???” We’ve got some resources for you!

Assistive Technology Partners (ATP) is based out of the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. Click here to search for funding on their website.

AT Funding $ources is a searchable online database tool. It is provided to assist Coloradoans with disabilities in locating needed funding to purchase AT devices and services for their specific needs.

Wheelchair Accessible LogoLinks provide access to:


Searches are based on:

  • Colorado Counties
  • Diagnosis
  • Age
  • Area of Need (i.e. Home, School, Work or Play)
  • Type of Device (i.e. Hearing, Speech, Vision, Home Mods, etc.)
  • Type of Assistance (i.e. Equipment Loan, Purchase or Donation)


Homebuilder’s Foundation (HBF) provides accessibility solutions and home modifications for individuals with disabilities and financial need through the collaborated efforts of the home building industry. HBF gifts 50 projects each year for middle income applicants! Click here for their website. Click here for their application for projects. 

Projects are considered based on an accessibility need, funds and resources available at the time of the request, the location of the home, and the financial need of the applicant.

Once we have received your complete application, a representative of the Home Builders Foundation will contact you to arrange for a visit of your home and determine your specific needs. After this visit, the application will be submitted for review to the HBF Gifting Council. If the council approves the application, then it will be submitted to the HBF Board of Directors for final approval.

Please call (303) 551-6721 if you have any additional questions or for a status report on your request.

How It Works:

Complete Application for Assistance (available below or call to have one sent to you)

Site visit – home owner, HBF staff and gifting council members(s) – to determine specific needs

Application submitted for review by HBF Gifting Council and evaluated with information from site visit at monthly council meeting

Final approval by Board of Directors


To get you thinking about other funding resources, look into your city or national grants, non-profit organizations (churches, community based foundations, etc.), VOC rehab (click here), Medicaid (click here), or the VA if you have served in the military (click here)! There’s money out there to help you, you just need to ask!


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