mind the gap

Mo is Irish. From Ireland Irish.

Every now and again I get reminded of just how differently we grew up. Here’s a little insight into that and who we are:

This is the children’s program, The Thunderbirds, that Mo watched in 60’s-70’s Ireland.

This is the anime version of The Thunderbirds that I watched in 80’s U.S.A.


Mo & I have a generational gap, and a cultural one too, but I suppose it’s the differences that make us realize our sameness. Afterall, we were two kids watching sci-fi. God help Conor, he is destined to be a geek. 😉




One thought on “mind the gap

  1. Wow! What a difference in video technology in a decade or so. You tell Coner that there is nothing wrong with being a geek. 🙂

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