June meeting recap

What another great meeting! Thanks to all those who attended; members Beverly, Corinne, Tom & Jonette, Bob & Betty, Jim & Joyce & Amber, Rick & Diana, and of course Andrew & Beth! There were also some new faces; “Welcome to the Group” Kay & Bill Myers, and Maricela Lopez (and your two handsome, and such well-behaved, boys)!

Of course the HIGHLIGHT of our meeting was our guest speaker, Andrew White! For those of you who have met him, you know that Andrew is one of the most gracious, kind, and compassionate people you can meet. Plain and simple. In fact, after considering our conversations about the group he not only gave his “Caregivers Coping with Stress” presentation, he did a SECOND full presentation on “The Emotional Aspects of Chronic Disease”! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation of “Caregivers Coping with Stress”.

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation of “Emotional Aspects of Chronic Disease”.

Personal Potency – a poem by Eugene Peterson

After being tossed about,

judged, slotted into categories

and treated as someone less than we are…

someone comes along and enters our life

who isn’t looking for someone to use,

is leisurely enough to find out what’s

really going on in us,

is secure enough not to exploit our weaknesses

or attack our strengths,

recognizes our inner life and

understands the difficulty of living out

our inner convictions,

confirms what’s deepest within us…

Reminder: Our next meeting will be our special event on Saturday, September 21st (National Myositis Awareness Day).

More details to come!


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