show me the money!

Twenty years ago Betty Curry, who had IBM, realized that there was very little information about her disease. She asked a few others, whom she learned had the disease, whether they would help her form an organization to educate patients and physicians about myositis. Her organization of 16 people has now grown to 3,000 patients and 1,200 physicians receiving information from The Myositis Association annually.

That’s the start of a letter from Bob Goldberg, Executive Director of TMA, about the 20 for 20 Anniversary Campaign. Click here to read the entire letter.

What the 20 for 20 Anniversary Campaign is to me is a call to action. It’s asking us members of TMA to lend our support to the organization that has always sought to support us. As a non-profit organization The Myositis Association relies on people like us for funding to spearhead research, educate the public, and to offer the resources and information to all its members. If we all give a little, we can raise a lot!

If you would like to do more than 20 for 20, consider starting personal fundraising campaigns through TMA’s website, click here.

If you need even MORE inspiration to get involved, we’d like to share Team Tommy with you.

Tommy Worthington got sick in April 2012, was diagnosed with DM/ILD that June, and sadly succumbed to the disease within 5 weeks of hospitalization. To read a letter by Tommy, click here. Team Tommy was formed by Tommy’s wife, Dana, and sister, Laurie Ann, to both honor Tommy’s memory and help other myositis patients and families. I can’t tell you how much Tommy’s story touched my heart. And the amount of support that Team Tommy has given back to TMA is simply outstanding. By hosting such fundraisers as a Zumbathon, Holiday Pub Crawl, RAGNAR Race, and a Quarter Auction, Team Tommy has raised money and awareness allowing them to:

  • Sponsor 3 people living with myositis disease to attend the 2013 Annual Myositis Patient Conference this fall
  • Fund research for Dermatomyositis
  • Fund education for physicians so they can diagnose myositis diseases faster/easier in areas where they do not come across the disease process as often
  • Provide financial assistance to a young girl in New Jersey who is living with and seeking treatment for Juvenile  Dermatomyositis.

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! We are humbled by their dedication and commitment to our cause. Myositis Colorado is so proud to be partnering with Team Tommy on some future fundraising endeavors – we’ll let you know more about that to come!

So if it is in your heart, PLEASE consider helping TMA reach it’s fundraising goals. If not now, when? If not you, who?


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