20 for 20

We just got a letter from Bob Goldberg, TMA Executive Director. We’d thought we would pass it along to the group if any are interested in starting their own fundraising campaign to help The Myositis Association.

TMA letter

For more information about the 20 for 20 Campaign, click here.

“If you are going to participate in the “20 for 20 Anniversary Campaign,” contact us at 1-800-821-7356 or TMA@myositis.org and we will send to you 20 cards to give to 20 people. The card describes myositis and tells your friends how they can donate. All TMA members who raise funds for the 20 for 20 Anniversary Campaign will receive a gift from TMA as a token of our appreciation.”

If you do want to participate in the fundraising effort, don’t forget to check with your employer for matching contributions! Many employers will match dollar for dollar a charitable contribution to a recognized charity – DOUBLING your donation! You may want to check with your HR department to find out exact policies (for instance: Mo’s work will match contributions but the donation must be at least $25 and as the employee all donations must be made in Mo’s name only). TMA will be happy to supply any documentation of your contribution your employer needs: contact Charlia@myositis.org.


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