stop sponging off

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when you are sick or injured. Everyday freedoms become the luxuries of the healthy. Nothing is more obvious of this fact than the dreaded (radio sound effect: dun-dun-dunnnnnn…) Sponge Bath.

Sponge baths could be called refreshing – compared to the sweaty, stinky, filmy, no-goodness of not having a sponge bath – but they are a wholly unsatisfactory experience compared to an actual shower.

When I underwent all my foot surgeries I was relegated to the first floor of our home – the only level without a full bath. Because the door was too narrow, I’d hop from my wheelchair into our powder room to use the sink or toilet. To be able to wash my hair, I had to wheel backwards up to our kitchen sink, flip around, and kneel on the wheelchair’s seat to get the sprayer to reach. There were always big puddles on the floor and countertops afterwards. I’d feel better for a little while, but never got that invigorated sensation of a full shower. Almost six months later when I was able to “stand” in our regular master bath and take a shower, I cried.

Believe me, I know the frustration and anger of losing the privilege of something as seemingly trivial as taking a shower. That’s why I was so excited when Amy Dee showed this portable version at our last meeting!!!portable showerThis is a Freedom Shower, for details about the model shown, click here. Freedom Showers are a barrier-free bathing solution for those that need temporary or portable shower capabilities. The bottom front bar (connected to the blue fabric) lowers so you can wheel directly into the shower. Raise the bottom bar, and it creates a waterproof flooring. It can be used in hotel rooms or friends/family homes while traveling, outdoors, or really anywhere that you can connect to a water source. And it folds flat and weighs less than 30 pounds for transportation! Click here for a YouTube video of how the water goes through the shower.

I wish we would have known about this handy-dandy shower back in the day! I’m not sure if your insurance would cover something like this – my gut tells me no – but you can purchase these outright $3495 or even rent them for $350/month! Contact Accessible Systems at 303-693-7787 for more details.


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