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Here’s another quick fix for cracked skin – especially good for Mechanic’s Hands – super glue!

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 1.58.09 PM

Mechanic’s Hands refers to the scarring and cracking of fingertips and hands of myositis patients, specifically Anti Jo-1 myositis. Mechanic’s Hands are very painful, and the razor thin cracks can be quite debilitating. Many discussion boards are filled with suggestions for Mechanic’s Hands that include creams, balms, etc. click here for an example (and other product suggestions.)

Hospitals use medical grade super glue, sometimes called Dermabond, for some wound closures (click here for a complete history of super glue or “cyanoacrylate”.) Stanford dermatologist and TMA Medical Board member, Dr. David Fiorentino, has said that using super glue in these very deep and non-healing cuts is O.K. The difference between medical grade super glue and household varieties is the hospital grade is sterile. If you have Mechanic’s Hands, ask your own dermatologist about this household wonder – it’s not just for gluing construction worker hard hats to I-beams anymore!


For more information about Mechanic’s Hands, and myositis in general:

From the 2005 Hospital Physician, click here for a pdf of all Dermatomyositis skin presentations and Mechanic’s Hands.

Another similar publication from the University of Sydney Medical School, click here for myositis profile pdf.

Also from the Ulster Medical Society, click here for downloadable file of Anti Jo-1, Mechanic’s Hands, and ILD.





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