after-meeting lunch

Hi Everyone!

We are thinking of making some lunch reservations for after our April meeting, for those that want to socialize more or just get a bite to eat before going home.

There’s a nearby restaurant called The Copper Pot that has good reviews (we haven’t been there yet). Click here to see the menu (the mac’n’cheese is supposed to be very yummy). We would be going to the Hampden location, I called and talked with the hostess – she says that they’ve had about 5 motorized chairs at a table before. The dining room is small, so if many are interested in joining us we will definitely need to make a reservation so they can expect us.

If you think you might want to join us on April 6th, 12:30-ish. Please leave a comment below. Thanks!!!


3 thoughts on “after-meeting lunch

  1. Hi Mo and Nicole. Sheila and I are planning on attending the April 6th meeting and would like to have lunch with everyone afterward. Thanks for setting this up.

  2. Hello – we will be coming down from Laramie. It is our first visit and we are looking forward to meeting everyone. We will plan on joining you for lunch. Jim and Joyce

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