February meeting recap

Thanks to everyone who made it to our first meeting of 2013!

At the meeting we screened the Fall Prevention Video produced by TMA, and showed how to navigate this blog and the Myositis Colorado Facebook page. We also gave out recruitment packets for our members to drop off at their doctor’s offices so more myositis patients will hopefully be able to find our support resources! If anyone in Colorado would like one of these packets, please let us know – we will bring more to our next meeting in April for folks to distribute. Most of the meeting was spent chatting with members, seeing where everyone is at with their myositis and sharing tips and information with each other. We are so happy to have met our two newest members – let us introduce you to John Mozer & Rick Rea!

John Mozer and his wife Sheila recently moved back to Colorado from Pittsburgh, PA where he co-chaired the TMA support group in Western Pennsylvania & Northeast West Virginia. We are so thrilled to have this seasoned TMA leader as part of our group, welcome back to “Colorful Colorado” Mozer Family!

Rick Rea and his wife Diana also drove up from Colorado Springs for our meeting. Diagnosed last year, Rick has definitely done his homework in researching myositis and brought to our attention a newly patented test John Hopkins (and TMA medical board member, Dr. Andrew Mammen) is doing about the statin-induced autoimmune antigen: HMGCR. We’ll look into this topic more – it looks fascinating! – and share more about this study in a future post.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for our next Support Group meeting in April, it is so important to share what we know with each other. Reminder: meetings have been moved to Saturdays so more of those that work weekdays can attend (and boy, was there a whole lot more parking available at Swedish Medical Center!) See you all soon!!!




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