“Teddy-Bo is Feeling Tired”

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 6.25.30 PMDid you know there’s a children’s book about myositis?

We just came across this project between cartoonist Simon Chadwick and MSG, the Myositis Support Group (UK), and HAD to share it! Click here to read Simon’s blog post about their 2011 book launch.

The book sounds incredible to us – how reassuring for JDM children to have a story about THEM!!! From what we can tell, the book had limited publication and is currently “out of print” on Amazon.com. We also saw a request from someone in Australia who wanted a copy. We were able to find this source within the U.K., click here. Maybe if you contact Simon (click here for contact request) or MSG (click here for contact information) they may know of available copies for the U.S.???

We are so impressed this project took place – using the power of art to personalize such an important topic for children with myositis is fantastic! Way to go, Simon! The world needs more caring artists such as yourself!

2 thoughts on ““Teddy-Bo is Feeling Tired”

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  2. The book is currently only available through the charity, Myositis UK (formally Myositis Support Group), we had a limited print run and initially the book was only available in the UK. However, if you have Paypal I can arrange shipment. Cost would be the equivalent to what is in the UK in your currency, plus P&P fees. The charity is very small and Irene in the office works part time. So the easiest way to contact us if interested in the book would be to contact me through our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/TeddyBoJDM Hope this helps – Paula Jordan, Hon Gen Secretary, Myositis UK

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