no more knocking knees

So our last post about sleeping positions reminded me of another gadget we love!

While Mo was losing muscle mass back in 2007, he began to be confined to either his lift chair, wheelchair, or bed. Since his mobility and strength were so limited nights were particularly bad for him to get comfortable. Plenty of nights he spent sleeping in his lift chair just to avoid the stiffness and aching lying in bed caused. A big problem was his knees knocking and his hips getting sore from not having the muscle strength to move during sleep. That’s when we found this fantastic knee support pillow!

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 8.52.29 PMThis knee support pillow was AMAZING! The great thing about this style is that it has velcro straps that attach it to your leg. There’s no way for it to slip out from your legs if you shift slightly – it stays put! Since it is adjustable it fit perfectly over all the different weight pajama bottoms and bare skin. It is also not as bulky as some other styles, and the pillow part was very comfortable, squishy yet firm. The fabric is also very breathable, and you can still bend your leg at the knee (important if you need a midnight trip to the bathroom)! Click here to visit the 3M site for information (we only found this style available to purchase on ebay, click here to purchase).

We just loved this support… it is definitely on our top 5 list of best gadgets we bought during Mo’s big flare! We HIGHLY recommend this particular support, but if you can’t find this model you might want to try out some other styles (click here, here, or here for more options). All these supports run about $20, a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep!!!


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