brain cloud

It’s been one of those weeks.

Our 3-year-old son, Conor, came down with croup and the day we took him to the doctor was the day I was scheduled for a root canal. Conor got a script for some steroids to help the inflammation in his throat and we cranked up the humidifier. We were up the next couple nights with a hacking/wheezing/very upset toddler, keeping him home from preschool while my mouth was hurting something fierce. Wednesday I had to call back to my endodontist because my dental work was getting worse. I too had to get prescriptions of antibiotics and prednisone to help reduce inflammation of my tooth’s ligaments.

Prednisone. That wonderfully horrible, horribly wonderful drug.

If you aren’t aware (yet), boy is being on prednisone an experience! The side effects are legendary, click here for a list of them. My course is only a week, tapering as I go, but even these last few days I’ve been having doozies of side effects. Headaches, mood swings, flushing and heat flashes, and that evil EVIL insomnia! While I am absolutely exhausted from my days with Conor the Crouper, I just can’t get to sleep or shut my brain off. Only a few hours shut-eye and I have to get up – but that doesn’t matter too much because my morning dose of prednisone will keep me functional enough until my next dose, until my next dose, until my next dose. Wait, did I mention my next dose? See, that’s another symptom that I don’t think is discussed enough in the “prednisone side effects” pages… brain cloud*.

Brain cloud* is certainly directly related to the prednisone-induced insomnia. With 3 hours sleep in the last 36 hours even the simplest tasks today have flabbergasted me. You heard me… flabbergasted!

I spent a good portion of my morning trying to find my cell phone that “I JUST had in my hand” only to call it from my home phone and hear my pant pocket ringing. At the Starbucks drive-thru I gave my credit card to the barista, swore I never got it back, had to park to go into the store, looked like a nutter to the staff, went back to my car and found the card right in front of me. I told Mo a story about something that happened this afternoon, then five minutes later told him the same story. I think I might have done that twice, actually. Three times, but who’s counting. Can you relate? Click here to read another blogger’s take on prednisone & its side effects (on a plus-side, her side effects include a cleaner house).

If you’re having a hard time with prednisone, the book “Coping with Prednisone” is highly recommended. Click here to buy it or read reviews on

Me, I’m off to go stare at a ceiling for a couple hours, hopefully dozing off for at least 45 minutes or so. Just in time to deal with Conor’s newly diagnosed ear infection tomorrow. Yup, looks like it’s going be one of those weekends, too.

*Brain cloud is not a medical condition, nor is it even a real thing. I’m referencing the Tom Hanks movie “Joe vs. The Volcano”.


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