get on the good foot

The other day I was talking with some of our Friends with Kids about how to measure parental success (segued from our conversation about potty training). Sure it’d be nice for Conor to grow up to be a doctor, scientist, or world leader… but I’ll have done my job if he is kind, educated, giving, and self-motivated to use the toilet. Of course I do have more specific goals for him too. He should be able to fold a fitted sheet, make a really good omelet, and I would LOVE it if he could dance like James Brown. I went on YouTube to see what dance lessons I could find for The Godfather of Soul, and stumbled on this one:

What I love about this video is the ease of body mechanics Chi uses. The dance is broken down into small simple steps and when put all together it creates this incredible fluidity of movement. Isn’t that such a beautiful metaphor for life? You take something small, add what you know, practice, practice, practice, then boogie on down.

I know that this post might not resonate with some of you, and depending on your energy and muscle weakness it might be impossible to ask, but if you have it within you to take that first small step… in this dance, in your relationships, in your life.

Always remember: You’ve got Soul. And you’re Super Bad.




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