IG Living magazine

Here’s another great resource we wanted to highlight!

IG Living Magazine offers great support and advice for the Immune Globulin Community. You can look up current issues, archived issues, etc., click here.

The Magazine always has interesting content, but we really love their IGL blog! Like all blogs, the information there is more personal, more accessible. It just rings a little truer. Click here to check it out! You’re sure to find some new information, support, and perspectives on living with chronic illness.



3 thoughts on “IG Living magazine

  1. I have a question. I received in the mail about a year ago a very long questionnaire from the CDC about possible causes for dermatomyositis. I filled it out and sent it in but never heard anything more about that. Does anyone else know if that research was ever summarized or reported anywhere?

    • We’ll check around for you. We filled out the questionnaire as well, but never heard any findings. My guess is it was more census than active research, but we’ll find out for you! Thanks, Gina!

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