“the two kinds of decay” by Sarah Manguso


I found this book the other day when looking for craft supplies at The Dollar Tree. Did you know the dollar store sold books? I have found some incredible books there over the years – all for $1!!! I always make sure to check the shelves for lost gems. Like this book.

Sarah Manguso has a rare auto-immune disease simply called CIDP (Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy), a more extreme condition but similar to Guillain-Barre syndrome. For information about CIDP, click here.

I picked this book up because I recognized the blood tubing – anyone who has had as many blood draws as we have had will recognize those. I was intrigued by the title. I skimmed a few pages and when I hit the word “auto-immune” I stopped. I’ve learned when you spot something like this at The Dollar Tree, you don’t think about it, you buy it.

This book is incredible.

Sarah Manguso is a poet, and her memoir is simple but profound. There is so much we can relate to! Some of the specifics of her disease are very different from myositis, but the human response and experience of the diseases are identical. She has foot drop! She has doctors who don’t listen! She has overcompensated for her family! She has scary procedures! She has the quiet acceptance of her disease and a voice of strength!

I just love her.

For The New York Times review of her book, click here. To buy on Amazon, click here. To buy the Kindle version, click here. Or check your local library. Or even your Dollar Tree store! You won’t be disappointed.

BTW – check out our Facebook page (click here) and look for our status update about this book. I bought an extra copy and will give it to one lucky person!


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