it’s 2AM, now what?!

Here’s a truth – when you’re on high-dose prednisone you have plenty of time on your hands.

Prednisone is probably the most commonly prescribed medication for PM and DM since it battles inflammation and suppresses the immune system. Here’s a great overview of prednisone on, click here. Here’s another article entitled “10 Things You Should Know About Prednisone”, click here. What we want to talk about is the “11th Thing You Should Know About Prednisone” – Finding a Time-Vacuum.

Time-Vacuums are great for just filling up the hours. Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to look far to find some fantastic wastes of time! Through the power of linking and blogging and social networking you can easily burn up your extra time. Sure you could be learning a new language, reading great literature, or finding out the meaning of life (by the way, the answer is 42)… but how many of us are actually going to do that???

We have some easier suggestions.pinterest-cover-story

Have you checked out Pinterest yet? If not, what have you been waiting for? Pinterest is quite possibly the best Time-Vacuum in existence. The idea is very simple: you create a “board” of things that interest you by “pinning” webpage or blog posts. You “follow” your friends, celebrities, webpages, or general categories and Pinterest will suggest other boards and pins. You can “repin” someone’s idea to your boards to share with the people who follow you, you can “like” pins, or you can “comment” on pins. The categories are nearly endless – you will be amazed at all the stuff on this site! It is like a giant snapshot of the internet in visual form., click here to create an account.


Etsy is another of my all time favorite Time-Vacuums. It might just be my inner artist trying to get out, but I am always so inspired and thrilled by some of the fantastic artisans and artists on this site! Etsy is a marketplace for handmade goods, vintage pieces, and supplies from around the world. Need 100 ykk zippers on the cheap? Etsy has them. Need a hand-crocheted lumberjack hat & beard? Look no further. Etsy shops are operated directly by the artists, and believe me there is some amazing talent here (there is also some crap, but most of the pieces will blow you away). Think of this as boutique window shopping from your couch., click here to start browsing.


There is no denying it. I love art. I love design. I love the unusual. So another site that is great for me is WebUrbanist. This site offers daily news on Architecture, Art, Design, Travel, and Technology., click here to explore. Sure this site isn’t the Time-Vacuum that something like Pinterest is, but some of the things on here are downright awe-inspiring. This might not be your cup of tea, but with just a few key word searches of your favorite topics and hobbies on Google Search I’m sure you’ll find the perfect websites to whittle down the hours.

If T.V. is more your thing, we suggest upgrading your cable, or creating accounts on Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer (remember, Mo is Irish). With the capabilities of Video On-Demand, DVR recording, and Pay-per-view you can spend all day, and all night, in front of the boob tube. Or, if all else fails, I guess you could start writing The Great American Novel.



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