shopping for a cause

If you didn’t know it before, let me tell you now… I am obsessed with always getting a deal. I started “couponing” about 2 years ago and now I don’t buy much without a coupon, a rebate, a cash back offer, or a serious discount! I live by the old adage “retail is for suckers”. You can imagine then my excitement as all the Black Friday deals are starting to fill the internet!

There are a ton of Black Friday sites that track all the best deals, like this one here, or sites that help you get the best deals using tricks and tips for online buying, click here. Media outlets do point out there is considerable controversy surrounding the shopping frenzy, here’s a link to a NY Times article about Black Friday (click here) and of course there’s the strike and walkout protests of Walmart workers this week (for article click here). When we buy, we tend to “showroom” – look at the items we want to buy at a store, then keep an eye for online deals of those products so we can get the best discount. Hey, even the CEO of Best Buy acknowledges the power of showrooming – click here for his take on this holiday practice!

Now whether you want to participate in the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday madness this week is up to you. BUT!!! If you are planning on doing some online shopping this year let us introduce you to some FREE programs that offer % donations to our very own TMA (The Myositis Association)!!! –  for website click here. offers store coupons, coupon codes, promo codes, and straight donation discounts for using their site. Go to first, browse the online stores you want to shop at and click through using the button. Your shopping will be done through your store’s website so it is absolutely secure, but since you went through first TMA will get a 1% – 30% donation of your purchase price from the online retailers! Not too shabby for just a click of a button! – another section of Browse their eligible restaurants then dine-in or take out and you will earn up to 6% of your purchase price as a donation to TMA! You do need to pay with a registered credit card to earn the donation. – another section of will donate 1¢ to TMA each time you use their search feature to find something on the web! Couldn’t be easier – and a penny saved is a penny earned! – for website click here. Another site that has over 700 brand name stores offering donation values of .4% – 15.2% to myositis when you select TMA as your charity!

Yellow Brick Mall – for website click here. .2% – 30% donation values here too!

So if you are already going to be eating out or shopping online this holiday (and why wouldn’t you shop online? who needs those crowds and bad parking!) – check these sites out to earn easy money for myositis research! Everybody wins!


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