the personal is political

September 21st is Our Day — Happy National Myositis Awareness Day!

Thanks to The Myositis Association for working with the U.S. House of Representative in 2006 to declare a nationally recognized day for Myositis! If you’re into reading resolutions, click here.  If you’re more into getting involved, why not start your own awareness campaign? Awareness starts with you.

Here are a few simple things you can do today to help spread the word.

Change your Facebook or Twitter profile picture to an awareness ribbon. Then post, post, post, tweet, tweet, tweet.

Print out an awareness ribbon and post on a community bulletin board, your doctor’s office, or similar. Don’t forget to include contact information for our group – you can put your own personal info or our email:

Answer the phone with: “Happy National Myositis Awareness Day!”. Think Ferris Bueller secretary — perkiness counts!

Add a personal “signature” to your email account saying “Sept. 21st is National Myositis Awareness Day” then send an email to everyone on your contact list to celebrate. You could also start a chain letter. Everybody loves those, right???

Star in your own YouTube video about Myositis and hope it goes viral. We suggest including “Justin Bieber” or “Cutest Kitten” somewhere in your movie title for most views.

Send a letter to your city, county, or state officials asking that they proclaim Sept. 21st Myositis Awareness Day. For a sample letter, click here. To see a sample proclamation, click here.

Of course we’re just spitballing here. Use your imagination, talents, and initiative to start something unique and personal for your own campaign. We know you can do it — if there’s Talk Like a Pirate Day there’s no stopping us. Let’s rock this day!


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